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Backoffice outsourcing services in Coimbatore

Welcome to our website offering top-notch Backoffice outsourcing services in Coimbatore! The back office is a section located to administrative staff and contactless customer service. Its functions include billing, clearance, record keeping, maintenance, regulation, compliance, accounting, and IT services. The back office does not interact with clients. Their responsibilities include providing business functions related to operations.

  • The term “back office” originated when early companies designed their offices so that the front portion contained the associates who interact with customers, and the back portion of the office contained associates who have no interaction with customers.
  • Back-office functions include settlements, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting, and IT services.

How the Back Office Works

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The back office is an essential part of any firm and associated job titles are often classified under “Operations.” Their roles enable and equip front-office personnel to perform their client-facing duties. Companies need to focus solely on driving growth and delivering a superior customer experience. Xxxxx enables you to do just that while delegating back office tasks to our capable team in India. Focus on the big picture and let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to managing your support functions.

With most back office tasks it’s possible to deliver quality results with a remote team based out of our delivery center in India. We will recruit, train and deploy top agents who will be managed by a team lead & project manager. Our agents speak fluent English and we can also deploy agents with fluency in Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, French and others. At xxxx, experts and efficient professionals execute our client’s BO support services. With no hindrance team xxxx work in hand with the clients at their working hours through regular audio and video interactions, and thereby assuring the client’s satisfaction.

Back Office Works

Back office Process Lifecycle

backoffice outsourcing services in coimbatore

The domain supported by the Orb25 back office include training, contributing to blog recommendations. The back office is the backbone of the workplace. In Orb25, the back office is responsible for customer service in application creation and record keeping. We also provide data entry and inventory as well as database administration and web development.

BPO Services In Coimbatore

Invoice factoring Support Service

Our invoice factoring support services enable business to reduce the cost of paying off additional debt while maintaining cash flow. Customers can significantly reduce operating costs by outsourcing their back office functions.

Our clients are guaranteed to save a large sum of money on their operational costs by externalizing their back office functions.

backoffice outsourcing services in coimbatore

Underwriting Support Service

It works by learning the customer’s need with respect to insurance, cross checking several documents including bank documents and also checking the customer’s credits through various means. We are well trained in handling direct customers, affiliates and brokers. As these jobs are performed diligently by verifying required documents, searching information through internet and testimonial checks, you can trust us on your underwriting services.

Account and Finance Service

backoffice outsourcing services in coimbatore

The world is increasingly moving towards digital. Accounting and Finance is the fundamental amenity of any business. For financial companies like banks, insurance companies and investment firms, the government regulations make it tricky to promote their products as other companies do. Orb25 gives guarantee for confidence, security, risk management and efficient.

Human Resource Service

The various back office HR management services that we provide are personal data management, resource management, skill management, performance management, attendance/ leave management, training administration, HR and benefits administration and resource allocation.

Human Resource Service

E - com Support Service

Orb25 offer a complete range of back office support services for online businesses. Our professionals handle day to day tasks such as order processing inventory management and addressing customer’s queries. We put all our efforts to achieve success in the business.

Infrastructure management

Infrastructure management contributes to the growth of the company and supports expansion operations. It allocates the functions and tools you need to run your business. The infrastructure consists of the elements necessary for the development of the company.


E-commerce has tools and systems for managing e-commerce stores. The company has hardware and software components with proper data flow. Most of them involve buying and selling goods and services over computer networks.

  • Meetings standards of Operation.
  • Promoting adaptability to change in the environment.
  • Promoting harmony among concerns internal and external entities.
  • Proper balance of any change in management policies and practice.
E - com Support Service

Benefits of our infrastructure management externalizing service

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills are required for back office support work?

The skills that are required for back office support services are

  • Master’s are bachelor’s degree in business administration or similar filed.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Hands-on experience as an office executive.
  • Skills in managing computer operating systems and MS Office software.
  • High level writing and verbal communications.
  • Technical knowledge of the domain.
What are the best back office systems for ecommerce operations?

Order management systems, inventory management systems, warehouse management systems, and enterprise resource planning software all have their own unique strengths to help you choose the right option for every business.

What is the role of a corporate IT infrastructure management?

The role of the corporate IT infrastructure management deals with the oversight of key IT  infrastructure elements that are required to deliver business services. These can include software applications and networking components, but the primary focus of IT infrastructure management is typically on physical components such as computer and networking hardware and the facility itself.

What are the services standards for accuracy, safety and security?

We never differentiate between big or small job orders. Back office service team gives the equal importance and services for every client. We are very keen in security, safety and accuracy of the work given to us.

How to create a campaign?

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  • Log into your Amazon account.
  • Click the “Advertising” tab.
  • Select “Create campaign”.
  • Select the option from three ads: Sponsored products, Brands, or Display.
  • Once you choose your ad type, Amazon will ask you to provide the following information: Your campaign name, the start date, the end date(optional) and your daily campaign budget.