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Recent commercial shifts depicts the retail industry’s urge to station multimedia customer experience to expand their profits. Retail sectors continues to move in both labor-intensive and 4.0 mode, thereby the expectations of customers have progressed.


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Impact of social media in buying concept

Due to the change happening each day in technology, it is essential to maintain a proper communication in between the retailer and customer. The concept of virtual shopping has replaced brick and motor methods, proving it the most beneficial and focused – and here we work for our clients to create a wonderful shopping experience for their customers.

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  • Attracting buyers
  • 24/7 assistance to customers on any query
  • Delivery services
  • Refunds management
  • Feedback data management 

Introduced RPA initiatives and implemented bots to reduce duplication in collections, leading to a 28%  manpower reduction and 100% accuracy levels.

Reformed customer connect rate with an IVR workflow resulting in an increased conversion rate from 34% to 50%.