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Helping the world’s leading enterprises achieve operational efficiency and best-in-class customer service

Hospitality services in Coimbatore

Powered by technology and driven by a passion for interactions, Teleperformance has been servicing logistics, hospitality, and transportation firms for over four decades. We have the knowledge and experience to understand key nuances of a client’s business and design collaborative solutions to address unique challenges.

Delivering high-quality services in an efficient and highly secure environment, Teleperformance has experience in handling B2B and B2C processes for clients. The goal is to ensure client success through effective management of resources, superior products, RPA, plug and play technology solutions, and robust process discipline.


Keep pace with challenges

To ensure the utmost excellence in customer experience, Teleperformance integrates the latest technology and digital tools with the human touch of our interaction experts worldwide to provide simpler, faster, and safer interactions that lead to a positive impact and continuous brand loyalty.

We streamline services with the Lean Six Sigma approach, optimizing costs and resources and reducing inefficiency.

transportation and logistics in Coimbatore

We design solutions that help reduce costs and improve customer experience.

Improve operational processes
Improve operational processes
Analyze data and develop a business strategy
Analyze data and develop a business strategy
Intelligent automation to drive transform
Intelligent automation to drive transform
Leveraging intelligent solutions and advanced technology for customer experience excellence.

Omnichannel Customer Experience Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

Optimizing the customer experience while reducing costs has always been Teleperformance’s differentiator while partnering with transportation and logistics firms.

Harnessing our decades’ worth of experience and expertise and combining them with the latest in digital technology and innovation, Teleperformance delivers bespoke solutions for every challenge.

What We Offer

With over four decades of industry knowledge and experience, Teleperformance takes pride in providing end-to-end solutions in all aspects of the industry.

  • CX Support – We deliver superior customer experience by offering omnichannel solutions to brands.
  • Back Office – We boost efficiency through automation and reduce costs through smart-shoring of back-office processes, such as accounting, track and trace, order management, information audits, and updates. 
  • Transformation Services – We drive transformation through Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence (T.A.P.™), delivering amazing results that improve top line revenues and bottom line income.
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Transportation and Logistics in Coimbatore

We Deliver Exemplary Service Across the Board

With award-winning solutions focused on land, ocean, and air-related processes, Teleperformance develops a robust and customized Target Operating Model to meet clients’ unique requirements in different geographies.

Teleperformance has a massive team of interaction experts globally, serving B2B and B2C clients in various verticals:

  • Freight Forwarders
  • Air Cargo Carriers
  • Steam Ship Lines
  • Logistics Management
  • Relocation Companies
  • Parcel/Package Delivery
  • Trucking Companies
  • Moving Companies/Van Lines
  • Rideshare
transportation and logistics in Coimbatore

Business Impact

The benefits we deliver range from enhanced Net Promoter Scores to improved turnaround times through automation, smart-shoring, and reliable service delivery frameworks.

Revamped contact center technology to improve sales conversion by five basis points, with a revenue uptick of over $10M annually.

40% reduction in processing times  by automating several steps in the process.

33% reduction in AHT, improved quality and efficiency by deploying a knowledge-based tool.