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The Moz Brand Authority Metric and the Top 500 US Brands List were released at MozCon.

Explore the top 500 US brands and learn more about Moz’s new Brand Authority metric, which helps marketers quantify the strength of brands.


  • Moz’s new Brand Authority statistic provides a way for companies to evaluate their online brand’s stature.
  • Marketers and public relations specialists can use Brand Authority to get a complete brand performance index.
  • Brand Authority allows businesses to maximize return on investment (ROI), assess sales potential, and evaluate the impact of media brands that cover their story.
  • At MozCon, Moz unveiled Brand Authority, a new metric to evaluate the success of a brand in the digital space.

    With this analytical tool’s brand comparison visualisation capability, businesses may better assess the competitive landscape.

    The new metric was developed by Moz’s research scientists and product team using data from American businesses in an effort to evaluate brand salience.

    What Is the Popularity of Moz?

    Using Moz’s search data and secret algorithm, the Brand Authority metric provides businesses with information about their brand’s success and potential growth areas.
  • Brand Authority, accessible on Moz Pro and via the Moz API, gives PR and marketing pros a quantifiable brand performance index.
  • Marketers may use this information to better understand the value of their leads, the impact of media brand mentions, and how to improve their approach for increased return on investment (ROI).
  • Brand Authority aspires to provide a holistic view, opening the door to more efficient methods and better results.
  • The new statistic has great promise for brand marketers, says Dr. Peter J. Meyers, Marketing Scientist at Moz. Moz has been a pioneer in the field of search engine marketing since 2004.
  • Moz has just issued a list of the top 500 brands in the United States based on their Brand Authority scores, which coincides with the introduction of this new metric.
  • This list, together with Moz Pro’s new Brand Authority comparison graphic, will help marketers and public relations specialists do more thorough analyses of their competitors
    Top on the list are consumer brands and news outlets, followed by Google, Meta, and Amazon.


Return on Investment Improvement by Establishing Trust in Your Brand

At MozCon, an annual SEO conference where attendees can learn about the state of search, share ideas, and network with other industry professionals, the Brand Authority measure was introduced to the public for the first time.

By 2024, Moz hopes to have the new brand data available in even more regions. The release of Brand Authority could be pivotal for businesses looking to strengthen their brand’s performance and market standing.

Professionals should be able to more accurately evaluate brand health, spot marketing blind spots, and develop more strategic plans with the aid of this new resource.



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